Make team productivity soar

Go from call reluctance to prospecting dominance

Expand your team’s reach, increase profits and boost performance with more effective calls. White Glove Touch Point offers fast, easy set up. All you need to do is upload your desired call list and your team could be calling up to 100 contacts an hour.
Seamless communication


Touch Point power dials contacts for your team, one after another. Your reps are in full control and on the line at all times – with no dropped calls and no awkward pauses.

With Touch Point’s Custom Script field, you can be sure that your team has everything they need at hand to communicate with accuracy when your customers and prospects pick up.

Leave voicemails
without waiting

Did you know that 7 out of 10 calls go to voicemail? Your team will be able to intelligently drop a pre-recorded voice mail in one click without waiting for the beep. They can also quickly send a follow up email depending on the outcome of the call. While Touch Point is leaving your pre-recorded message, you’re already on to the next call.
Leave voicemails without waiting
Automate post-call processes

Automate post-call

Touch Point can automate virtually any next steps required for a contact after a call. Custom buttons can set a status or disposition, leave a note, set a tag, move a prospect to another folder or account, and more.

performance records

Promote accountability and keep reps focused and productive. Touch Point automatically logs dial session and call statistics, activities, and outcomes to give reps and management a clear picture of performance.
Maintain performance records
No Special Equipment Required

No special equipment

Touch Point is cloud-based, so there’s nothing extra to install or special equipment needed. It can be used on any phone or computer. Because we are a stand alone system there are no CASL/TCPA concerns.


Do I need any special equipment?
Nothing at all. Log in from any computer and make calls from any phone.
What does Touch Point do?
Touch Point handles all of the tedious tasks that make dialing a chore. Our system dials your contacts, and displays customizable buttons that perform your desired actions for each call result. From sending email, to moving contacts to a different folder (or do-not-call list) to logging calls, and much more – Touch Point handles everything, while you’re already on to the next contact.
How does voicemail drop work?
There’s no need to listen to your contact’s recording or wait for the beep. Simply click your voicemail button and Touch Point hangs on the line to drop your voicemail, all while instantly moving you to the next contact. That same click can also send a “Got your voicemail” email, move the contact to another folder for follow-up, and more.
How do I start dialing?
Once you’ve imported contacts, simply select the contacts you want to call and click “Begin Dial Session.” Make one call into Touch Point and the system starts dialing your first contact. The dialer window puts everything you need at your fingertips to navigate calls, disposition outcomes, and automate your workflows.
How does Touch Point compare to other dialers?
Great question. Ever answer the phone and hear “dead air” before an agent comes on the line? With Touch Point, there's no delay. So calls start with promise, not hang-ups. Still you'll blaze through up to 80 contacts per hour and have up to 4x more live conversations, with all of your time-consuming workflows automated.
Is this an auto/robo-dialer?
No. Touch Point cannot auto-play a recording when someone answers live.
How many people can I call at once?
One. Here’s why. Calling multiple lines means calls have to be routed after they are answered. The result is a “dead air delay” that negatively impacts sales success. Touch Point is a single-line dialer built to maximize quality, live conversations.
What number shows up when I call people? Can I change this?
You can set the number that displays when you call people (ie. display your work line but call from your mobile). We can also dynamically display a Caller ID that is local to the contact you are calling. Clients using our Local ID service get, on average, 56% more live answers.
Can I use Touch Point for just myself?
Of course! We love working with individuals as well as teams.
What kind of support do you offer?
We are absolutely committed to delivering world-class support from day one. Get free, friendly, Canadian-based support by phone or email.
(587) 899-6600
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